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TripStop stops displacements in concrete footpaths and is designed to extend the life and increase the safety of concrete paths throughout cities across the world.

TripStop is the leading and best solution to long and short term concrete path cracking and displacement problems.

Ensure your long term budget goals are achieved by making TripStop your number one path maintenance and new sub-division choice. Avoid extensive maintenance costs in the future due to mid panel cracking and displacing concrete : Invest in TripStop today.

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TripStop believes in a fair and sustainable future.
Show your support for the fight against climate change by casting your vote for a fair and effective climate deal.


Many councils have chosen to use TripStop for four very important reasons:

  • TripStop will save you money
  • TripStop will protect your citizens
  • TripStop will reduce your workload
  • Tripstop will reduce your CO2 footprint
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Tripstop has won numerous awards; which highlight the innovation used to create such a universally adaptable, usable and beneficial product.

Listed below are some of the recent awards that TripStop has won, and details about each specific award.

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